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at your service

Dephyto is also a support service

for a correct use

of plant production products.

Get ahead into the future!

Optimize your pesticides use
and improve health and biodiversity

Etophy Formation


You are an agricultural producer,

consultant, technician, agronomist,

distributor of plant protection products?

Do you live in an agro-urban area?

Do you wish to:

- Improve your plant protection practices

- Reduce their impact on the applicator and the environment
- Respond to consumers concerned about the production methods of the products they buy

- Advise your clients on the associated toxicity risks

- Communicate with local elected officials and local residents about your approach and their involvement.

Short on time

and would you like our support?


Help your employees access cutting-edge technologies in
plant protection security

Copie de etophy formation


Are you are an advisor, agronomist, certifier?

Do you wish:

- Train your teams of agricultural advisers to use the Dephyto platform and the EToPhy indicators (HTI and ETI) in order to reduce toxicity in

technical routes.

- Support them in their long-term strategy to improve their agro-environmental performance.

Do you want to make full use of our services to optimize your strategy for reducing agricultural pesticides and their impacts?

Etophy Conseil
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