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Evaluation of
the toxicity of plant protection products

Web platform to assess and control the impacts of
plant protection products on the health of the applicator  and on the environment.
Dephyto is based on the EToPhy Simulator and EToPhy Analysis modules developed
by the CIHEAM-IAMM laboratory.

Are you involved in
the management of pesticides?

If you are a farmer, producer, winegrower or advisor,

with Dephyto you will have access to the best of technology

to optimize your agricultural practices.

Dibujo Gráfico Etophy-12-12-12.png
granGráfico Etophy-13.png

the level of toxicity
of a plant protection product

Establish a long term, 

plant protection strategy 

eco and socio responsible

 Compare footprints


different strategies

Analyse the 

 environmental footprint 

between parcels and campaigns.

Access the EToPhy risk 

indicators on health and


Substitute a plant protection product by another 
less harmful

Register your practices

(compatible with Geofolia, SMAG, MesParcelles)


Geolocate your parcels or

import your Telepac files

  Adopt the platform                 to ...



  Know the impact of pesticides on the applicator's health and
the environment 


Control the risks related to the use of

plant protection products


Lean on the expertise of our advisors and our Dephyto training team.

Our objective?
Provide you with innovative tools to simplify
your management of agricultural protection. 

Joven empresaria

EToPhy Simulator and EToPhy Analysis modules help you to be sustainable.

These modules give free access to Logbook,

a record book of your practices,

and Geoloc, a geolocation module

for your parcels.


EToPhy Simulator and EToPhy Analysis

are based on the risk indicators developed by the CIHEAM-IAMM.


They  are  recommended  by the Commissariat

General for Sustainable Development of

Ministry of the Environment and  referenced  

by INRAE and AFB.

who we are?

The development of the Dephyto platform is an alliance

between researchers from the CIHEAM-IAMM laboratory and

the ECOCLIMASOL company, expert in climate and environmental risk technology.

This alliance has received financial support from:

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